Privacy email services available for airport registration.

Privacy email services that can be used for airport registration

Domestic email services (such as QQ Mail and NetEase Mail) require real-name registration (phone number registration), and the email address may leak personal information such as QQ number and phone number. Due to the low level of privacy protection for most airports, if domestic email is used to register for an airport, it may leak important information such as real personal information and personal social accounts when combined with social engineering databases.

In summary, it is recommended to use anonymous privacy email forwarding or temporary email services to protect your privacy.

Anonymous privacy email forwarding services, also known as email aliases or temporary email address services, are very useful for protecting user privacy and reducing spam. These services allow users to register accounts without revealing their real email addresses. Compared to disposable email addresses, email forwarding is more suitable for registering services for long-term use.

Here are some email service providers that offer such features:

  1. Apple iCloud+: Apple's "Hide My Email" feature allows iCloud+ users to create unique, random email addresses that will automatically forward to their primary email address. This service is particularly suitable for users who want to keep their email address private.

    • Best for iPhone users
    • Free
  2. Firefox Relay: Firefox Relay allows users to create multiple email aliases to hide their real email addresses. This service helps reduce spam and protect users' email privacy by allowing them to use aliases when registering online.

    • Free
  3. DuckDuckGo Email Protection: DuckDuckGo's email protection service allows users to create email aliases with "". When receiving emails through these aliases, DuckDuckGo automatically removes trackers from the emails and then forwards them to the user's actual email address.

    • Free
  4. Cloudflare Email-Routing: Cloudflare's email routing service acts as an intelligent router at the transport layer, handling and modifying SMTP envelopes and sending messages to their final destinations while preserving the original headers and maintaining the integrity of the body. This approach ensures that SPF, DKIM, and other security or anti-spam protocols are not compromised, and recipients continue to be protected.

    • Free (requires domain registration)
  5. AnonAddy: AnonAddy allows users to create an unlimited number of email aliases and forwards emails to their real email address. Users can disable a specific alias at any time to stop receiving emails sent through that alias.

  6. SimpleLogin: SimpleLogin allows users to create and manage email aliases. In addition to the forwarding feature, this service also allows users to reply to emails directly through the aliases without exposing their real email addresses.

Recommended disposable email:

It should be noted that many airports restrict the email suffix to mainstream email addresses to prevent malicious registrations, making it impossible to use email forwarding and disposable email. We recommend airports that do not restrict email suffixes: Little Airport.

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